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Peacock Feather Earrings
Peacock Feather Earrings
Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings

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Made entirely from waste that would have been destined for landfill, these eye catching peacock feather earrings bring together the design types of Remix Plastic and re:purpose

Ice cream container lids add a pop of colour to the feathery bike inner tubes. These show how waste can be a resource and provide a way for you to talk to people around you about environmental issues!

Hoop (stainless steel, hypoallergenic): 2.5cm diameter.
Feather size: 9cm, strands: 14cm


These Peacock Feathers are part of our limited edition range of products.
Each pair is unique with its own embossing from the tub lids and inners - we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! Please get in touch if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will do what we can to resolve any issues in a timely manner. 

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