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Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cups - Classic

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Designed to easily go everywhere, Stojo expands to hold your every whim and folds into a leak-proof disc when you’re done.


Kiwis use 808,000 single-use coffee cups every day! And they're not recyclable or compostable. Reusable cups are the only way to go but they are often bulky and leaky.

The Stojo keep cup quickly collapses into a leak proof disk. It includes a lid and heat sleeve to protect your hand from hot or cold beverages. and collapses into a disk making it perfect to slip into a coat or bag pocket and go.


Two sizes: Classic 355 mL stands at 12.7 cm and collapses into a 4.5 cm disk.

Made from food grade, recyclable materials. Stojo is BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe and comes apart quickly and easily for easy cleaning.


We always ship plastic free, and will ship Stojo in the collapsed form to save on packaging and shipping costs.

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