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Catering Zero Waste

Last week we had the privilege of helping coordinate the Zero Waste Network event, Closing the Loop. The topic of the evening was circular economy, so we went all in on the theme and provided food from sustainable, packaging free, local sources. Here is the run down for those of you that asked! 

  • Homemade vegan and gluten free crackers with bulk bin ingredients. 
  • Homemade hummus with bulk bin ingredients. See the recipe here
  • Produce from The Vege Shop, Stourbridge Street - locally sourced and packaging free where possible. We love shopping here as it is a traditional green grocer - lots of beautiful fresh food and good conversations. 
  • Vegan cheese from Diva Plant Cheese, Riverside Market - vegan, locally made and plastic free. 
  • Packaging free cheese from Charing Cross Cheesery, Riverside Market. 
  • Fresh bread from Bohemian Bakery.
  • Relishes, sundried tomatoes, stuffed olives and peppers in glass jars (made in New Zealand where possible). All from New World Supermarket. 
  • Reusable napkins made by ReCycle Recreate.
  • Greenery from the garden. 

If you are hosting an event in Ōtautahi Christchurch there are loads of amazing options to make it sustainable. We also have reusable name tags if you are hosting networking events and have recently compiled a resource for Learning City Christchurch on sustainable event planning. Get in touch if you would like a free copy. 



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