Got a question? Hopefully the answer is below.

How much is shipping?

New Zealand wide shipping is $5
Australia shipping is $30NZD (unfortunately earrings have to be couriered as they are on the list of products not allowed in the regular post). 

Do you ship overseas?

We ship to Australia, see above for shipping cost. We do not ship further afield because of the carbon footprint associated with that doesn't align with our company goals. Please read this blog for more information.

I ordered and am yet to hear anything. How is it going at your end?

Thanks for your purchase! We have been overwhelmed by the support for our products and are currently ramping up production to fulfil orders as fast as we can. Please be aware that we are a small business with a unique product and are streamlining our systems to adapt to this amazing flurry of orders.

For the latest updates on progress check out this page.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder as it may be there. If not, it may be that the high levels of activity on our website has blocked our outgoing confirmation emails.

If you are concerned that we haven’t received your order, please contact us.

If you have received a confirmation and are waiting for your parcel, please be patient with us. There has been a large number of orders and we are making more products to fulfil them.

What are your earrings made from?

Our Huia Feather earrings are made from 3D printer waste. For details check out our blog: Our Huia Feathers.

How are your earrings made?

Find out how our earrings are made in our blog: Our Huia Feathers.

What colour earrings hooks do you have?

We have 4 earring attachments:
- Hypoallergenic (silver in colour)
- Silver plated
- Gold plated
- Clip on (silver in colour)
And you can select your preference on the product page. 

I run a shop/gallery, can I stock your products?

Thank you for your interest! Yes, we would love to stock with you. Currently our back log of orders means we need to focus on this for now but please send us an email with your details and we will contact you when the dust settles. We have wholesale pricing for the Huia range.