Celebrating Matariki

To celebrate the introduction of a brand new public holiday for Matariki, we’ve teamed up with Ronja from Re:purpose to bring you these limited edition earrings made almost entirely from waste that would have been destined for landfill: Laser cut mottled stars made from 3D printer waste are paired with hand crafted feathers made from bicycle tire inner tubes. Seven holes symbolise the seven sisters in the Maori mythology story.

The celebrations of our Aotearoa/New Zealand New Year are linked to the appearance and position of the Matariki star constellation in our skies, also known as the Pleiades. Matariki marks a time to reflect on the year that has past and take time to appreciate what we have.

Every star and feather is unique with its own colours, details and blemishes, and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do!

Available through both of our online stores (www.remixplastic.com
www.repurpose.felt.co.nz) and be sure to check out Ronja's other beautiful creations!


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