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Christchurch is a Sharing City

This week saw the launch of the Christchurch Sharing Map, an online resource that aims to make the city's amazing sharing economy accessible to people everywhere. The seed of the concept was planted in 2018 with events hosted at The Exchange (XCHC) on the international movement of 'Shareable' Cities and from there hours of hard work have produced this great map.

Take a look and if there are things that you know of that are missing, keep an eye on their Facebook group for their 'Map Jam' events, where people gather and contribute new nodes to the network.

"When you use this map we want you to be inspired by the Christchurch community. There are many organisations that are doing great work to support people in this city by creating opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills, share the resources that we have and discover the natural world around us. We think this city is a diverse, rich and special place. We hope you will too!"

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