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Christchurch Second-hand Shops Map

Here is a resource for everyone's thrift crawls - a map of Christchurch's second-hand shops. I made this after returning to Christchurch and finding all my beloved second-hand stores had either closed or shifted after the earthquakes.
Be sure to join the accompanying Facebook group: Second-hand Christchurch to tell us about your finds and get others to help you on your hunts for treasures! 
If using on a mobile, click on the 'For Mobile' link and it will let you open the map and view your position (makes it a lot easier when out on the road).

While I have spent many hours researching and visiting these places, there is still a lot I don’t know. If you have any information on new leads, details on these ones or would like to suggest an edit, please do so via FB group as this is easiest for updating. 

For Mobile 

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Originally published EcoOikos 2019 relocated here for ease of managing.



  • My Favourite Things Bishopdale
    Is now at 17e Bishopdale Court Bishopdale Mall

  • Hey the Rangiora Salvation Army shop is also open Saturdays 9-4 now 😊

    Kate Messervy
  • Thanks Jane! I have updated :D

  • Hi love the map. If poss when you do next update, Time & Time Again Opawa, Chch is now Love Me Again, Vintage & new beautiful clothes and jewellery, happen to find it on Sat morning!


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