Kiwi's care about climate change

The latest Colmar Brunton Better Futures 2020 report is live and has some incredible information around what Kiwi's are concerned about. The things that jump out at me are:

- Both young and old are concerned about the build up of plastic in the environment

- 50% of NZers said they have taken action on climate change

- 48% have deliberately switched to a brand/service provider which is more sustainable

- 34% of people of 60yrs think climate change is a hoax (and 40% are unconcerned) - the report 'ok boomer'd' an old man!

- Those who say Government should lead the way are significantly more likely to already be doing what they can to help (ie conscious consumption and voting regarding environmental policies)

- Those who say Companies should lead the way and say they are prepared to pay for it

- People are still confused about business environmental claims - so simple and transparent is important

- Young people want to work for employers that are socially and environmentally responsible (72%)

This resource provides a compelling case for making systems more sustainable rather than focusing on small solutions. We need leadership from government and businesses and that can be driven by consumers.

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