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Ōtautahi's Resilience - 10 years post quake

I had a bit of a moment watching Lianne Dalziel Christchurch Mayor wear huia feather earrings as she marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Christchurch earthquakes.

I wasn't living here 10 years ago and although I grew up in Christchurch, being away during some of the most traumatic moments in our history has left me feeling separated from the solidarity of my fellow Cantabrians.

But since being back in Christchurch I have observed some of the amazing transitions that have taken place since 4 September 2010. The sense of community; the acknowledgment of the importance of being locally resilient and not taking anything for granted; using what we have and sharing it together - all these things that I can't recall feeling in Ōtautahi pre-earthquake.

For the huia feather earrings to be worn during a small part of the story of Christchurch helps me feel that I, like others who have arrived in Ōtautahi since 2010, are part of the diverse and resilient community that has built up in Christchurch after the quakes.

From Mayor marks 10th anniversary of September quake video


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