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Remix Plastic’s Black Friday Deal (you guessed it - it’s a bit different)

This week marks Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. A day of sales and shopping and mass consumption. Not a day, it has to be said, that fits in with Remix Plastic’s ethos of promoting and working towards a circular economy. This year Remix Plastic is offering a great deal for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, a deal that benefits more than just your pocket.

What has Remix Plastic got against Black Friday?

If you’re buying something you need then there’s no harm waiting for a sale, but Black Friday/Cyber Monday encourages us to take part in a rush of unthinking shopping to get the best deals on items we don’t really need. 

Everything we purchase comes with an environmental cost, as well as a monetary one. Consider the resources from which the product was made, where it was made, whether the people making it were treated fairly and how far it was shipped to get to you.  The carbon associated with our shopping habits is huge - the world’s richest 7% (this includes us in NZ) are responsible for 50% of the world’s CO2 emissions - in no small part because of all the stuff we buy.

And what do we do with all that stuff? We build bigger houses to keep it in, park our cars outside stuffed garages and spend ages looking at our overflowing wardrobes wondering what to wear!

Another concern we have is that 46% of Kiwis fund Christmas by borrowing or using Laybuy. 

Every year ½ million Americans sign up for store credit on Black Friday and then spend on the cards over December and January. As interest, and stress, accumulates over the summer holidays, Black Friday deals might not seem as good as they did in November.

What’s the alternative?

Remix Plastic is part of Circular Monday, an antidote to the linear ‘take, make, waste’ of consumerism. On Circular Monday we are encouraged to rent, repair and reuse instead of purchasing new items. A circular economy is one where resources are kept in circulation. We don’t need to keep extracting resources and shipping goods around the world - we keep what we have and fix it when it’s broken.

Let's rent, repair & reuse more, and become a circuler instead of a consumer!#circularmonday

So what’s Remix Plastic’s Black Friday deal then?

You won’t see any Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials on the Remix Plastic website - all the prices are staying the same. But for every item purchased over the weekend* 10% of the retail price will be donated to Trees that Count. So the winners of our Black Friday deal are NZ’s wildlife, the health of our streams, trees to absorb carbon, your children’s future and you - for making your purchases count in 2020!

Anthea’s requests for Remix Plastic’s customers:

  • Only buy what you need - don’t just buy more stuff for the sake of it.
  • Buy from small, NZ businesses to support local jobs and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Cut out the middleman and donate directly to Trees that Count - you can purchase trees as a gift for your friends and family. 
  • Only spend what you have, please don’t take on new debt just for Black Friday shopping.
  • Look after yourself and your whanau.

* Does not include shipping, gift wrapping or donations. Offer runs from 8am Friday 27th and 9pm Monday 30th.

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