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Support Local Charities Offer

We have recently partnered with CareSaver KiwiSaver, a KiwiSaver scheme that invest funds in environmental and socially responsible companies, avoiding things like animal testing, fossil fuels, weapons, and human rights violations. 
They donate 20% of their management fees to charities and through the Covid-19 crisis they recognised that charities have taken a massive hit. Through May they have a referral offer, donating $50 for the new persons choice of charity and $50 for the referee. I asked them about potentially adding charities that run second hand stores to their list (as it is obviously another of my passions) and they have come back with this:
If you switch your KiwiSaver to CareSaver they will donate the FULL $100 to the charity of your choice and then you can choose from their selected charities for the ongoing 20% fees donation (I went with Plunket).
Note you must have more than $5,000 in your fund and if you have further questions about KiwiSaver or what CareSaver do, please contact Simon directly on To take them up on the offer, enter your chosen charity in the ‘Campaign Code’ box in the form. Offer is open until the end of June.
This campaign is run in conjunction with the Second Hand Christchurch Facebook group and charities listed were results from an internal poll. 
For information on CareSaver's returns, see this article
Note to our followers: 
I am consulting for them and am not paid per referral. We only promote brands and organisations that align with our values and who we believe are the best option available for what they provide. 

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