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As we all know, a lot has changed over the past 2 months. With a nationwide lockdown many businesses have struggled to keep their footholds until they can open again. Charities are likely to face a somewhat harder challenge when we come out on the other side of this crisis. Many New Zealand charities depend on fundraising events and donations. With events and campaigns on hold and reductions in donations due to drops in household incomes, these charities are facing a huge unknown. Even if they survive this phase, what their work looks like on the other side of this is blurry.

If you are keen to support charities and buffer this blow, consider taking CareSaver up on their referral offer: if you are a CareSaver customer and you refer a friend, they will donate $50 to your chosen charity and another $50 to your friend's chosen charity! (Pro tip: it only takes 2 minutes to sign up if you are not already a customer).

Another way to support charities is by donating - you can claim some of this back in your tax return and there has been recommendations made to the government to increase this tax rebate, so watch this space.

If you don’t have anything spare to donate, consider following your favourite charities on social media and sharing their work with others.

We need to look out for each other now more than ever and anything you can do to support these amazing organisations helps.

Take part in CareSaver's referral offer

If you intro family/friends who sign up with CareSaver in May, they will donate $50 to the charity you’ve chosen and $50 to the charity they now choose. Plus they pay 20% of annual CareSaver revenue to charities.

Your friend must put your name in the "campaign code" box on their application form and needs a KiwiSaver balance of at least $5,000. The online application form and Product Disclosure Statement are accessible here

You can intro as many family/friends as you want and they will pay the $100 to charity every time. 

Note to our followers: 
We only promote brands and organisations that align with our values and who we believe are the best option available for what they provide. This article was written as part of our partnership with CareSaver.

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