Things to do while we wait - A Covid-19 plan

I am sure everyone is feeling as confused and uncertain as I am about how to go forward over the coming months. Here in Christchurch, and much of New Zealand, many people are halting normal activities and implementing social distancing protocol to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

I am aware that there are very real and serious things to consider during this crisis but this post is for those who have practiced their hand washing songs, brought up all their supplies and are hunkering down without the virus. 

There are a lot of things that we as individuals can be doing to look after ourselves, each other and the environment in this strange time. 

1. Shop local

This may be an obvious one, but you can support those in your community by supporting local businesses. Many people will likely have less money to spend or be holding back where possible, but why not buy your veggies from the local produce place and bread from the bakery? Beats going to the supermarket to find the shelves empty. 

You can also shop online locally - there are numerous small businesses around Aotearoa that are going to feel the hit from cancelled markets and events. Support them by purchasing through their online stores. Some are offering free shipping (ReCycle Recreate shoutout!). 

2. Buy vouchers

If you are social distancing and don't feel up for visiting your favourite cafe, considering buying a voucher to help them out. That way, they get the money now and you get the goods later. By doing this you are helping ensure they are still in business when all of this blows over! 

3. Connect via the internet

Social distancing and self isolation don't mean you should stop talking to people. Use this opportunity to message friends you have been wanting to catch up with - have a virtual coffee date and catch up over Skype/Zoom/Phone. Or just message friends and check in on how they are doing. We live in a time that we can be connected without having to be in the same room - use that to your advantage and help yourself and others reduce the chance of cabin fever! 

 4. Research where your money is and how it is doing

This can be a little daunting as the global financial market isn't doing great. But this is a time to consider if your money is in the best place. 

My largest cash asset is my KiwiSaver so I was pleased to see the latest from CareSaver, my provider, showing that their funds are a little more resilient than others. 

A recent report has shown that the returns of sustainable funds are in line with those of traditional funds, while also offering lower downside risk for investors. "In an uncertain market, sustainable funds may offer a layer of stability for investors looking to reduce volatility".

To find out what your KiwiSaver is invested in, check out Mindful Money and for information on the ethical investing and NZ banks see Canstar.

5. Use your time to make stuff

Making food from scratch is often in the too hard basket during busy 9-5 work weeks. Use your time at home to do the things you have been meaning to do for ages. Check out The Rubbish Trip's website for some great zero waste recipes and our sister website, Eco Oikos


Most importantly - look after yourself and others. Be sure to follow WHO guidelines and the New Zealand Government announcements

We will be bringing you more resources over the next few weeks! 


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