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Tūī Feather Earrings

Remix Plastic is pleased to release the next in our range of NZ native bird feather earrings! Get in quick for the limited drop of Tūī Feathers!

Like the tūī’s beautiful feathers which appear black from a distance, only to reveal an iridescent sheen of blue, green and bronze in sunlight, the tūī feather earrings are mainly black with flecks of colour.


Just as all feathers aren’t the same, there is also variation in the tūī feather earrings with some having more colour than others. We’ve separated them into three categories to represent the differing amounts of sun shining on the feathers!


Tūī noisily defend their feeding territory with loud whirring wings and a loud and complex song. Like the tūī, we want you to be vocal in defending nature and spreading the word about how supporting local sustainable businesses benefits the environment and the NZ economy.


There are heaps of things you can do to be a noisy advocate for conservation. Start by talking with your friends, neighbours and kids about the type of NZ you want and then support what you say with actions:

And, of course, when people comment on your earrings, tell their sustainability story!


Tūī feed on flowering and fruiting trees like kowhai, rewarewa, flax, and pohutukawa. They are important pollinators of NZ flowering plants and spread seeds far and wide. Native trees used to cover Banks Peninsula but following Polynesian and European settlement trees were cleared and predators introduced resulting in the loss of 23 bird species. As native forest regrows and pests are controlled some of the birds, including tūī, can be welcomed back.

Image: Jon Sullivan, Lincoln University


Tūī which were reintroduced near Akaroa on Banks Peninsula in 2009. While they are common in many parts of NZ, here in Canterbury the lack of forest cover means that the nearest healthy tūī population was in Marlborough Sounds! 

And there is success - tūī are spreading across Banks Peninsula and have been spotted in Lyttelton! If we keep planting trees and controlling pests, we will have tūī back in Christchurch!

For every pair of Tūī Feather earrings sold, Remix Plastic will donate $2 to Trees That Count.




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