The ‘Remix Plastic’ project aims to use recycling as a mechanism to encourage behaviour change around single use plastic consumption. 

We want to ignite discussions around our waste and the current problems in the consumer system - like, why is it so hard to avoid single use plastics? What are bio-plastics and are they any better than standard plastic? and why are there limited options for disposal of plastics.
While recycling is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, it can be used as a way to illustrate the problems and begin discussing possible solutions. We know that single use plastics will exist for hundreds of years - lets do something interesting with them and at the same time show people they have the power to do something about it!



UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Clever Green Limited and Remix Plastic support the above Sustainable Development Goals. For more information visit the UN Website or see the Guidelines.

Our Team / to tatou kapa

Anthea Madill

Anthea Madill Cocos IslandAnthea has a BSc in Zoology with a focus in marine biology and a minor in Archaeology. She trained as a PADI dive instructor at Dive Otago and in 2011 was awarded the Rolex Our World Underwater Scholarship for the Australasian region. Through this scholarship she was able to work with marine conservation efforts around the world. Upon arrival home she was involved with local organisations such as Our Seas Our Future and Project Aware.
Anthea has worked in sustainability in Christchurch since 2016. Through her experiences in conservation, sustainability and living a zero waste lifestyle, Anthea provides environmentally focused education throughout Christchurch.