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CareSaver Partnership

We have partnered with Care Saver to promote ethical investing. 

CareSaver is a KiwiSaver plan that goes further than simply avoiding companies that harm our society and environment – they seek out companies actively making a positive difference. They provide an opportunity for individuals to have their KiwiSaver funds invested in things that align with their values and support a transition to a low carbon economy. 

Note that we are not offering financial advice in any way. Our role involves arranging speaker engagements and connecting CareSaver with a range of industries. 

If you are interested in having a representative from CareSaver speak to your staff or group feel free to get in touch with us or contact CareSaver directly. 

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I recently found out that my KiwiSaver (through BNZ) was invested in animal testing, Fossil Fuel, Palm Oil... even 'human rights and environmental violations'. I felt that all my hard work of reducing our household's impact on the environment was undone by my money being invested in a system that supported the very things I was trying to change. 

That is why we have partnered with CareSaver - we believe that individuals can do more than just be conscious consumers. Ethical investment has the potential to uncouple the economy from profit driven to purpose driven through supporting ethical and environmental change.