Resources - Money for Good

There are numerous ways that we as individuals can help create the world we want to see. Our many can be a vehicle for supporting good and avoiding bad through conscious consumption and ethical investing. We are continuing to compile resources on these topics and will share them here as they are available. 

My Journey Through Ethical Investing (Blog)

Many of us feel that we can’t change the system in any huge way because we don’t have a load of money to throw behind those doing good, but it turns out our KiwiSaver is a vehicle for this. Even if, like me, you feel that your KiwiSaver isn’t a significant amount of money in the grand scheme of things, between us we have a decent sum! Half of all the money invested in the world is pension money and 9 times out of 10 it is supporting systems that are contributing to climate change, rather than those trying to stop or reverse it.

Read my guest blog for CareSaver here


So Circular Radio Show and Podcast
So Circular is a radio show/podcast by Remix Plastic that discusses sustainability and circular economy. We provide individuals ways they can make a positive change in the world and give local examples of circular economy in action. Numerous episodes explore the topic of how we can use money for good, both as consumers and investors. 
Relevant episodes include: 
Episode 1 / Circular Economy
Episode 2 / The Buyerachy of Needs
Episode 6: How a Circular Economy can build resilient communities
Episode 7: Ethical and Sustainable Fashion
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