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Resources - Plastic Recycling

For information on plastic recycling, check out Precious Plastic, an open source global movement that encourages people to see plastic as a valuable resource. Our project, Remix Plastic was inspired by a Precious Plastic back in 2016. In the time that we have been working in this space we have learnt a lot and want to share our knowledge with others. The resources below are compiled by us and contribute to the shared knowledge and work in this area.  

Plastic Recycling Health and Safety (Blogs)

These Health and Safety resources are being made available because we have spent a lot of time compiling them for our project and want to make it easy and accessible for others to stay safe while working on plastic recycling. As we are releasing a series of tutorials on plastic recycling we feel it is our responsibility to provide best practice health and safety.

Health and Safety overview blog
Health and Safety documentation blog

NZ Plastic Recycling Facebook Groups

If you are interested in connecting with other people working on small scale plastic recycling initiatives in New Zealand check out the Plastic Recycling Christchurch group (hosted by us) and the Precious Plastic NZ group. 


Christchurch Plastic Recycling Projects (Blog, slideshow)

In December 2019 we hosted a Plastic Recycling Christchurch Meetup to showcase the projects that are happening locally. The slideshow from the meetup is available, including details on Christchurch projects. 

See the blog post for details

Recycling Tutorial: 3D Printer Waste Accessories (Blog tutorial)
This tutorial is part of our Makerspace series. These resources aim to provide ideas and inspiration for others to consider how makerspaces may impact the environment and explore ways to reduce that impact where possible.
See the free tutorial including a downloadable PDF >here