We provide one off presentations and workshops as well as multi lesson packages. We are working closely with Enviroschools Canterbury to provide support for teachers in their established course work. 

Our main aim is to act as a facilitator: bringing together schools, community groups and environmental organisations for the benefit of our environment. 



45 Minute presentation that will include a small activity. All equipment is provided. A power-point is included if the facilities are available. Discussion at the end of the lesson to cover questions and answers. Available topics are listed below. Please contact us if you have a specific topic you want to cover. 

Plastic in the Environment Marine Debris Effects on wildlife (Primary-Secondary)
Ethical Shopping (Community)
Visible mending and using embroidery (Community)
The art of second hand shopping (Community)
(More coming soon and Community presentations will be extended to schools*)




A presentation with a hands on activity and discussion. A power-point is included if the facilities are available. The accompanying activity is lead by the facilitator, with all equipment provided.


Household Cleaner Making Workshop (Primary, Secondary, Community)

E-Waste Workshop Making bowls with electrical cords (Community)
Soap Making (Community)
All Things Reusable - making T-shirt bags (Primary, Secondary, Community
Fast Fashion and Textile Waste - Upcycling T-shirts: T-shirt macramé plant hangers (Community)

(More coming soon and Community workshops will be extended to schools*)















Presentations and workshops over multiple lessons. 
(Coming soon)*






We have our first piece of machinery ready to go! A hand cranked plastic chipper - this can be used to shred anything from plastic bottle tops to bread tags, that can then be used for creating products. There is a  workshop associated with this machine that will cover different types of plastic, their different properties and what role micro-plastics play in the environment. 

Coming soon is a plastic recycling unit that can visit schools and groups demonstrating the process involved in turning your waste into something more valuable.


* I am working closely with Enviroschools and teachers to develop lessons that fit in to the Curriculum Criteria. These presentations will be added as they are developed. Please get in touch if you have a specific topic you would like covered.  




Would you be interested in giving your plastic waste to us to recycle? This is currently small scale but we intend to expand this service over time. The plastic will either be recycled or any that we cant recycle will be donated to Creative Junk for use with Early Childhood Education facilities. We will be implementing a seal to show your customers that you are reducing your waste where possible and supporting a local recycling action with the plastic that you do produce.