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Mother's Day Sale - Celebrating Mums and acknowledging the struggles!

This Mother’s Day marks my daughter’s 6th birthday.

She was born screaming and didn’t stop for 24 hours. Then she didn't sleep. Little 10 minute power naps in the day, up numerous times at night. She was clingy and I could hardly put her down without crying from both of us.

I struggled. I struggled with numerous things, the lack of sleep made everything hard. I found it challenging that no one else seemed to be acknowledging how hard it was, that I put pressure on myself to push through it and tough it out, walk it off. I had people telling me that I should be harder on her to get her to sleep.

I had postnatal depression and when I was in the thick of it, I couldn’t tell who I was or what I was doing. I eventually started taking antidepressants (and that worked well for me!). Then years later I started speaking to a psychologist to work through it - with my main outcome being that I didn’t want to get the sinking feeling whenever I saw a mum with a pram.

It is incredible that even when you have people around you, you can feel so alone. 

This year, for Mother’s Day, I am making most of our foundation range products on the website $10 each. This is my way to offer any mums (new or old!) my support and acknowledgement of how incredibly hard it can be. Let these earrings remind you that it is ok to be struggling.

Come along on May 3rd to get your pair!


If you are struggling:

  • Talk to your GP - a good GP will have an open conversation about mental health and recommend useful options: a referral to Plunket, a discussion around antidepressant options that may work for you, resources that are available. 
  • Reach out to Plunket - I had incredible support from a Plunket psychologist when I was deciding what to do going forward. 
  • Be kind to yourself - I remember setting such strange restrictions and rules on myself around parenting. In reality, I was in survival mode. Be kind to yourself about what is manageable and what isn’t. 
  • As hard as it can be, ask for help - reach out to those around you. If you don’t want to discuss the specifics, just organise a coffee chat to get out and talk to someone. It can be isolating at home with a newborn!


Disclaimer/terms and conditions:

  • Some products will be the end of stock so will not be available again.
  • Some products will have a limited number at the $10 offer (20 pairs depending on stock levels).
  • The limited edition range will not be included in the promotion.
  • The choice of products included in the promotion are at the discretion of Remix Plastic and can change at any time.

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  • Ditto on everything! Sleep deprivation is a killer. X


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