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Plastic Recycling in Christchurch

I often get asked where people can drop off plastics for recycling so I have pooled some resources here to help. 

Quick facts - Christchurch City Council has a 'LIDS OFF' recycling system. This includes ice cream container lids. 

Drop off points

Earthlove Recycling Hub at Prima Roastery, Brougham Street

Drop off area for all sorts of post-consumer items including:

  • Plastic lids
  • Plastic bread tags
  • Metal bottle caps
  • Felts and pens - TerraCycle
  • Blister packs - TerraCycle
  • Razors - TerraCycle
  • Batteries - disposed of safely
  • Bamboo toothbrushes - to be made into soap dishes

Richmond Community Gardens - Riverlution Eco Hub - Community Drop Off Station

The Environment centre is setting up a recycling workshop with plastic shredder and collection point. For full details visit their website 

  • Wine bottle tops and metal lids for the Christchurch Kidney Society
  • Plastic lids (resin codes 2 and 5)
  • Chip packets - Chip Packet Project NZ 
  • Face masks
  • Razor blades
  • Oral care Colgate brand only


Canterbury Worker's Education Association has a drop off hub for metal and plastic lids. 

Sumner Hub

Wooden crates outside the Sumner Hub for collection of: 

  • Plastic bottle tops to Eco Pirates 
  • Toothpaste items to Terracycle (Colgate) or Grin (Grin plus other brands)
  • Wine bottle lids and can tabs to Christchurch kidney society
  • Nespresso capsules to the Trees for Canterbury recycling program

Creative Junk

Note that they are a drop off point for any resources that are not accepted in the council recycling systems. Recycling projects can pick up anything they need from there but they do not actively funnel materials to recyclers (unless agreed). The types of resources that are collected by local recycling projects include: 

  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Ice cream container lids
  • Single use coffee cup lids
  • Some e-waste

Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme - various supermarkets, The Warehouse stores

The Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme has rolled out throughout New Zealand and you can take any soft plastics to the drop off points listed on their website. Note that soft plastics are those that scrunch in your hand and don't pop back into shape. See their store locator here.

Local Recycling Projects

Remix Plastic / Established 2018

Making accessories out of waste that would otherwise go to landfill. 

  • We recycle 3D printer waste - mainly collected from the Christchurch City Libraries and don't often take further donations unless discussed. 
  • We get ice cream container lids from Creative Junk - if you have these, please drop off there and we will collect as required. 

Upcycled Plastic / Established 2019

Run by Nicola Garlick, makes jewelry, vases, propagation stations, soap dishes, wind chimes and other projects. She recycles bottle tops and Anchor milk bottles. 

Please drop off to the above listed locations and she will collect as required. 

Poly Lab NZ / Established 2020

Run by Chris Koch, Polylab has an impressive workshop including CNC machine, allowing Chris to make larger pieces from recycled plastic. Mainly recycling bottle tops - please drop off to the above listed locations and they will collect as required.

Over the top Recycling / Established 2021

Run by Neith Absalom, Over The Top Recycling turns bottle tops into skateboard decks! Please drop off to the above listed locations and they will collect as required.


  • Where can I recycle hard plastic bubble wrap packaging??
    Note: This is not the soft bubble wrap…

    Jeremy Wright
  • I’m trying to get in touch with Neath from Over the Top Recycling but he hasn’t replied on Messenger. I have a delivery of Tops from Invercargill organised with a freight company if they can be collected from the agent in Christchurch.

    Norma Anderson
  • Also could be handy to add to this list that mitre 10 mega stores recycle light bulbs and polystyrene 😊 … I no they not really plastic but itl be good to have all these places in 1 link right 😊

    Jacinta gable
  • Hi, Is it possible to post to you plastic bottle tops that are not now able to be placed in recycling bins? I live in a small village in the lower South Island, and we are looking for a place to send these items. If it is possible, can all plastic bottle tops come to you, or only thise wiht a cetain number on them? May I have an address to send to?


    Diana Noonan
  • Morena. I was wondering if you could add the Kohinga St Albans Community Centre to your list please?
    Situated at 1049 Colombo Street. We have a collection station set up for wine tops, beer bottle tops, can tabs, mixed jar lids and also Colgate products. Always good to spread the word so people can connect to different communities. Cheers, Maria

    Maria Lamb

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