Remix Plastic announcement: EcoSplat reusable water balloons


I have been working in waste reduction and sustainability for almost 5 years. As many of you will know A LOT has changed in that time. The idea of wanting to reduce your impact on the planet has shifted from a crazy concept to be quite expected. And the plastic bag ban brought that to the forefront as then most people could see that these things are important, and doable.

It is interesting now that there are lots of people that want to be conscious consumers and have sustainable lifestyles but there are still a lot of areas where there are still no real environmentally friendly options. I am sure that everyone that is listening to this has had a time when they went to make a purchase and found that they had to just compromise and get something that they feel didn’t really align with their values. 

So this is why my new project, with my good friend and colleague Helen Townsend, is providing an eco-friendly water fight option with EcoSplat reusable water balloons!

EcoSplat reusable water balloons


These work by dunking them in water and throwing them. It is that simple! The cool thing about these is that you can throw them 6 times before redunking which means you can catch them and throw them back at your opponent. Because they are reusable the water fight can go on indefinitely and there is no rubbish to pick up after!

So we have done all the background work and I know it is a little cold to be talking about water fights but I want you as my Remix audience to be in the know! Because it has been from the support that you have given me over the past few years that has allowed this to happen. We have some stock so if you order now we will send them out, but depending on how many people purchase, there may be a delay. 

I will still be doing all the remix work too, because I am a sucker for punishment, but please jump over and follow our EcoSplat social media pages (Insta, Facebook) as I don’t want to spam too much on my remix page. But I am sure there is a lot of crossover because so many of you awesome people that have supported me and purchased from me are wanting to be conscious consumers and this is another way for you to do that. 

So come along on this journey of more fun (and more work) with me! Now all we have to do is wait for some warmer weather so we can have some waste free water fights!

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(Note: EcoSplat available through and Remix Plastic products have free shipping to save two shipping costs if you want to buy both).

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