Want an eco-friendly Christmas?

We have just made a sustainable Christmas easier! How, you ask?

We have added waste free home products to the website so you can gift zero waste. This includes reusable gift wrap!

Reusable gift wrap for a waste free christmas

We have made up a heap of earrings! Get them while they are available - we anticipate getting super busy in December so cannot guarantee we will have all of our earrings available close to Christmas. 

We have optional gift wrapping available to add on to orders. All plastic free!

Add on sustainable gift wrap to your purchase from Remix Plastic this Christmas


We have EcoSplat reusable water balloons available. This means you can add on EcoSplat as stocking stuffers when shopping earrings for yourself, or vice versa!

And we have gift cards if you prefer to let your friends and family choose their own gift. Available in any amount. 

Make your Christmas guilt free this year with these easy sustainable gifts! 

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