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Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings
Tūī Feather Earrings

Tūī Feather Earrings

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Earrings inspired by one of our most popular New Zealand native birds, the Tūī. Like the tūī’s beautiful feathers which appear black from a distance, only to reveal an iridescent sheen of blue, green and bronze in sunlight, the tūī feather earrings are mainly black with flecks of colour. We’ve separated them into three categories to represent the differing amounts of sun shining on the feathers!

Dimensions: feather 4.8cm x 1.3cm at widest point.
Hooks: Hypoallergenic (silver in colour), clip on option now available (silver in colour). 
Variants: Please be aware that these products have an element of lucky dip in that each one is different. We cannot cater to expectations of specific patterns. 
- Subtle: a little colour
- Medium: more colour but not bright
- Bright: Lots of colour and/or bright
Made from PLA (3D printer waste) in Christchurch, NZ by Remix Plastic. We always ship plastic free. 

Why Tūī Feathers?

Tūī noisily defend their feeding territory with loud whirring wings and a loud and complex song. Like the tūī, we want you to be vocal in defending nature and spreading the word about how supporting local sustainable businesses benefits the environment and the NZ economy. Learn more about why they are made.

For every pair of Tūī Feather earrings sold, Remix Plastic will donate $2 to Trees That Count.

Our Tūī Feather Earrings are part of our limited edition range of products. We can only make them when we have waste plastic available and will 'drop' stock here when we have it. Learn more about this in our blog.

Each feather is unique with its own colours (and blemishes) - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! Please get in touch if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will do what we can to resolve any issues in a timely manner. 

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