Kākābeak Earrings
Kākābeak Earrings
Kākābeak Earrings
Kākābeak Earrings

Kākābeak Earrings

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After our kōwhai earrings were so well received, we decided to bring forward next Spring's design: Kākābeak earrings! So many people have been asking for these that I couldn't wait! 

Kākābeak /Ngutukākā is endemic to NZ and critically endangered. There are fewer ngutukākā plants in the wild than there are kākāpō - there are only 150 plants left in the wild. Ngutukākā is delicious to deer, goats and pigs and can grow on rocky, steep bluffs. Māori used ngutukākā for gifting and trading.

Remix Plastic’s Kākābeak earrings are laser cut from sheets of 3D printer waste from Tūranga library and the small green (looks brown in some light) tops are cut from green single-use plastic bottles. To find out more about why we make these, read our blog post.

Hooks (stainless steel, hypoallergenic): 2.5cm diameter.
Flower size: 4cm long and 3cm at widest point. 

$2 from every pair sold is donated to Trees that Count to support planting of native plants. 


Our Kākābeak earrings are part of our limited edition range of products. We can only make them when we have waste plastic available and will 'drop' stock here when we have it. Learn more about this in our blog.

Each flower is unique with its own colours (and blemishes) - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! Please get in touch if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will do what we can to resolve any issues in a timely manner. 

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